What is Dental Menu?

Dental Menu is a complete platform that allows dental providers to offer subscription plans directly to their patients. Easily create a 'menu' of services for your patients, empowering them to select and build a plan that suits them. What does that mean? A simple path to more patients on your plans! Finally a solid alternative to dental insurance for the uninsured.

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An End to end solution

Your Entire Practice In Mind

without them, what do we have?


Creating something that is unique and beneficial to patients is what drives our every decision. Customizable regular care keeps more patients healthy and active in your practice. 

Rewards for Regular Visits
Discounts on Services
Unique 'Menu' that Allows Patients to Select Services at a Frequency They Prefer
the unsung heroes

Front Office

Tracking each member's benefits and plan revenue can be a nightmare for the administrative team. Our integrated solution solves these problems with simplicity. 

Streamlined Sign-up Process 
Automated Benefit Tracking 
Automated Payment Tracking
Reward Management 
Automatically Assign Plan Revenue to Services and Providers 
Front office incentive program 
the breadwinners


Provide a robust menu of services that will allow you to attract and retain the next generation of fee for service patients. 

Offer something unique to your patients that isn't possible with other membership solutions.
A complete solution that allows for patient customization to maximize treatment acceptance and profitability.
We white label all of our software to allow your brand and practice be front and center
Our success depends on your success
the heavy lifters


Who knows your patients better than hygienists? Empower them to be able to recommend personalized dental plans for your patients.

Customizable plans that hygienists can recommend and change as their patients' needs dictate
Accurately track production and collections for services provided in the hygiene department to plan members
Patient rewards platform to incentivize timely preventive visits 
Power to the Patients
No other membership plan empowers patients to create the plan they want, with all the services they decide.
Patient Rewards
Keep patients coming back and increase your treatment revenue by using our built in rewards system.
White Label Implementation
We think we should be invisible in this equation. Everything we deploy will have your brand front and center.
Benefit Tracking
Our software tracks benefit usage and automatically assigns plan revenue to services and providers.
Automated Accounting
Take the burden of payment tracking and bookkeeping off the shoulders of you and  your staff.
Low Cost - Low Risk
We don’t want to get in the way, just provide a path  to keep your patients healthy.
Friendly Support
We offer over the phone support for any questions you have. No wait times, and English is our first language.

Seeing is Believing

To see all these features in action, schedule a demo. It only takes 30 minutes and can change your practice for the better forever.

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3 easy steps and you're on your way

How Does it Work?

Well, it works really well! ...but that may not be what you meant. We have a streamlined onboarding process where we help you through each step of the way. We have experienced professionals to help you create and price your 'menu' so it's attractive to your patients. We also train you and your staff to use our software and help market your plan to uninsured patients.

Analyze & Create

Let us help you create a menu your patients will love, with pricing and features that ensure you love it too.

Launch and Market

What good is a plan without people? Staff confidence and patient awareness are key to long term plan success.

Manage Your Plan

Don’t let the details get in the way, we’ve got innovative software to automate pretty much all of it.

Simple Pricing

Your Success is Our Success

Our pricing model is set up to ensure your success. Our low fees are based on the utilization of our software. We make money as your plan roster and monthly revenue grow. We are in this together.

Plan Design, Creation and Kickstart
We will help you analyze your marketplace and design the perfect set of plans for your patients at the price point you decide.
One Time Fee
Plan Consultation with Dental Menu Specialist
Graphic Design and Print of Plan Materials
Management Software Setup with Plan Details
Software Training Session with Your Front Office
Management Software Website and Support
Most membership plans are a pain to manage. We've built advanced software to take the burden off you. Plus we'll create a custom branded website with your brand and plan information. This is the best two bucks you'll ever spend.
Patient Paid Enrollment
Per Member Per Month
Branded Website
Professionally Produced Video Content
Dental Menu Software Solution
Front Office Incentive Program
Ongoing Customer Support
the proof in the pudding

What Our Customers Say

“Dental Menu helped us create something fresh and exciting for our patients without insurance.  It seems to simplify the question of cost and helps them focus on coming in and staying healthy.”
Annette at Synergy Dental
“We have been using Dental Menu for a long time. It has generated so many new patients over the years. Their membership solution has been great for my front office staff. If you are in need of starting or improving a membership program, or need new patients, I would highly recommend them. “
Dr. Brent Stanley at Ironwood Dental
“We now have a great membership plan for our patients. It has really given them an option that they didn’t know they had. It was helpful to have the staff at Dental Menu guide us through the process of setting up our plans. We have so many new patients in the area because of Dental Menu!”
Dr. Kent Bladen
“Dunformi helped me set up a killer membership program. They helped me know what to include in each package and how my pricing affected profitability. The software is great and helps me manage all my members and payments. I can’t recommend Dunformi enough!”
Karleen | Prairie Creek Dental