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Are your Providers and Team Members Friends or Foes of your In-Office Plan?

Did your team buy into your plan as an alternative to insurance, but the financial realities demotivate them from selling it? Back office support is critical to the success of your plan, and with a few tweaks you can get them back in your corner. Find out how by downloading our Free White Paper.

the proof in the pudding

What Our Customers Say

“Dental Menu helped us create something fresh and exciting for our patients without insurance.  It seems to simplify the question of cost and helps them focus on coming in and staying healthy.”
Annette at Synergy Dental
“We have been using Dental Menu for a long time. It has generated so many new patients over the years. Their membership solution has been great for my front office staff. If you are in need of starting or improving a membership program, or need new patients, I would highly recommend them. “
Dr. Brent Stanley at Ironwood Dental
“We now have a great membership plan for our patients. It has really given them an option that they didn’t know they had. It was helpful to have the staff at Dental Menu guide us through the process of setting up our plans. We have so many new patients in the area because of Dental Menu!”
Dr. Kent Bladen
“Dunformi helped me set up a killer membership program. They helped me know what to include in each package and how my pricing affected profitability. The software is great and helps me manage all my members and payments. I can’t recommend Dunformi enough!”
Karleen | Prairie Creek Dental